General rules for parents

  1. Remember: Your child is studying in A English medium school. You must try to provide suitable environment at home specially about his/her behavior & habits.
  2. Leave : Every student is expected to maintain an attendance record as per the school requirement and rules, failing which he/she may not be allowed to appear in the final examination.
    • A proper leave application must be submitted in the school regarding the leave. In case of any illness more than two days medical certificate is to be submitted.
    • "Pre information with valid reason must be given to the school for leave either by phone, SMS or personally on the same day or before:
    • Students absent more than a week from school without information or reason will be turned out from the school. Re admission only be granted only at the discretion of the school authorities.
    • No leave shall be granted during the examination except for sick leave to be supported by a valid medical certificate.
    • Students will not be allowed to go home during school hours in general case.
    • The child will not be absent on important days like National festivals, Religious festivals, sports days, annual day function, other activities or competitions days. For absence the child may be fined and the child only will be allowed to come to the school on next day with his/her parents.
  3. Uniform :Ensure that your child should come to the school in proper school uniforms as per scheduled day (as on Wednesday & Saturday there is T-Shirt & white pant) Belt/shoes/shocks and I-card must be with him/her daily.
    • Hair and nails should be kept short and clean.
  4. Diary: Check school diary and ensure H.W. / assignments/ projects be completed. Set all the books & notebooks according to the timetable daily before sending the child to the school.
    • Go through the diary daily for any notice/ circular/ remark given from school. Sign over there. You may put your remark/ complain in "Parents Remark" pages given in diary.
    • Record of home study (given in last pages in the diary) must be filled up daily and put your sign.
  5. Lunch: Please take care that the child should bring nutrient lunch. Pickles & junk food must be avoided. Toffee/ chocolates/ namkin/ biscuits are not allowed. All the items like tiffin, water bottle, hankie, belt, and notebook books shouldbear the name of your child clearly.
  6. Transportation: It is the duty of the parents to drop & pick up the child, from the bus stoppage timely. Inform the school in case child does not reach at the stoppage on scheduled time.
  7. Examination: Child absent from any examination will not be re-examined in any case.
    • The child will be promoted to the next class passing the previous class or as per school promotion rules.
    • 80% attendance must be maintained to appear in the examination.
  8. Parents - Teachers Meeting (PTM): It will be organized time to time or at occasions. Your presence is highly expected & appreciated in the interest of your child.
  9. Birthday: Every child shall be greeted on his/her birthday in the morning assembly. The child is allowed to come in civil dress on that day. Parents, if so desire can celebrate the birthday of the child in the school by distributing the toffee to the mates of his/her class only.
  10. Withdrawal: If a child has to be withdrawn from the school, at least one calendar month's notice in writing is required, In case of failure to do so, Caution money deposited will not be refunded.
  11. Participation: Encourage your child and prepare them to take part in all the competitions, activities & events, activity in morning assembly etc. However the information as written will always be provided to the parents through circular or in school diary in advance.
  12. General rules :
    • The school reserves for itself the right to terminate the child for his/ her unsatisfactory progress in study or behaviors.
    • The school reserves the right to make the child participate in any programme/ events/ activities conducted for the interest of the school. The child may be assigned any work or part to play. His / her photograph may be published in magazine / hoarding or in ad film.
    • Inform immediately if there is any change in your address or phone no.
    • Don't send the child if he / she is suffering from any contagious or infectious disease in the welfare of the other students in class.
    • No mobile / money / jewelry / calculator / sharp items / magazines / story books etc. are allowed in the school.
    • Disciplinary action will be taken against the student found guilty of damaging school property, indulging in quarrel, fighting, or misbehaving with the staff.
  13. Any problem with the child or complain should not be discussed before the child at home otherwise he / she will lose the respect of teachers in class and will not study well.